Friday, August 14, 2015

Strategic Plan Part 3: Our Values

Talking About Our RVHS Strategic Plan 2015-18 Blog Series — Part 3: 
Our Values 

By Dr. Naresh Mohan, Chief of Staff, RVHS

It is my pleasure to discuss perhaps the most important part of our new Strategic Plan 2015-18 – our Values. The Values are the foundation for our Vision, Mission and Strategic Directions.

Our Values are spelled out succinctly and clearly in the Strategic Plan.

“In all that we do, we will be guided by our Values:
Responsive, respectful and caring for our patients, colleagues and community;
Value the diversity of our organization and community;
Honest, trustworthy and accountable for our resources, our services and our behaviours;
Strive for innovation, high performance and commitment to continuous learning.”

Please allow me to explain what that means to us at Rouge Valley. Our hospital is “responsive, respectful and caring for our patients, colleagues, and community.” Patients and their families wish to be more informed and engaged than ever. Our focus at Rouge Valley Health System in the coming years will be on enhancing their experience. We will offer comfort and empathy to those who entrust their care and their loved ones to us, while working together with patients and their families to help them play a more involved role in their care.

We “value the diversity of our organization and community.” We celebrate that Rouge Valley serves a multicultural community, and that this diversity is reflected in our hospital team as well. We want all of our patients to feel a part of our hospital equally, from making multilingual communication as seamless as possible, to supporting accessibility and religious needs.

We are “honest, trustworthy and accountable for our resources, services and behaviours.” We are not afraid to critically review our actions in order to improve the patient and family experience, as well as our workplace environment and culture. We will anticipate, identify and review issues and challenges that may arise, and implement strategies to make our hospital safer and better for our patients and staff.

At Rouge Valley, we strive for “innovation, high performance and commitment to continuous learning.” Looking ahead, we will continue to invest in new technologies, innovative solutions and in our staff and physician team. We will find creative ways to improve the journey of care at our hospital for patients and their families, working together to meet our targets with respect to patient wait times, access and best practices.
We will also continue to welcome bright, talented and caring health professionals and staff who are the future of your community hospital. We will coach and mentor them as they build on their skills as part of our Rouge Valley community.

I would like to thank all physicians, staff, RVHS Board members, all volunteers, patients and community members who participated in our robust development process of our new Strategic Plan.

It is our pleasure to start making that plan a reality for you and your families. Please know that patients and families will continue to be engaged.


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Download a copy of Rouge Valley’s new Strategic Plan 2015-18. To learn more about the strategic planning process that led to the new plan, please visit

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