Friday, March 28, 2008

CE LHIN Board motion adds 30-day consultation period

By Rik Ganderton
President and CEO
Rouge Valley Health System

New information has just become available from the Central East LHIN's Board meeting today, March 28.

The LHIN Board members have passed a supplementary motion, which is relevant to our Deficit Elimination Plan. Here is the wording of the Central East LHIN Board motion: "Be it resolved that the (CE LHIN) Board requires RVHS to work with the LHIN prior to the implementation of the planned consolidation of MHA (Mental Health and Addictions) services in conducting a 30 day consultation period with community stakeholders, and the general public.”

As a consequence of this, we will receive clarification from the LHIN during the next week. We will share that clarification with all of you – staff, physicians and volunteers – as soon as possible. I’m sorry we don’t have any greater detail on this yet. But I wanted to share this information with you now. We will continue to keep you informed in a timely fashion.