Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update: Birthing Centre / Town Halls / Mental Health / Socials

By Rik Ganderton President and CEO

I have a few pieces of news to update you on today.

* Town Halls

First, sorry it's been so long since we've had a Town Hall. Scheduling of various meetings has got in the way. We will resume our regular monthly staff-physician-volunteer Town Halls on Thursday, Dec. 18 at each hospital campus:
- 9:30 a.m. at RVC's Dr. Bruce Johnston Conference Room; and
- 2 p.m. at RVAP's Conference Rooms B and C.

* Birthing and Newborn Centre at RVC

My congratulations to our RVHS Foundation team for their successful events on November 20 when volunteers were thanked for their tremendous $1 million support for the new centre and an evening event at which key donors and supporters were recognized. I would also like to acknowledge the work of the whole Women's and Children's Program team for all their efforts in making the new Birthing Centre a reality. While all have worked tirelessly I would especially like to thank
· Julie Goldstein, Program Director (now with the TMO)
· Sue Fyfe, Program Director
· Penny Katz, Manager, Perinatal
· Sheri Ferkl, Manager, Paediatrics
· Rose Owen, Clinical Practice Leader
· Debbie MacInnes, Clinical Practice Leader
· Debbie Lopresti, Resource Nurse, Perinatal
· Kim Eeuwes, Resource Nurse, NICU
· Amer Syed, Manager, Respiratory Therapy
· Dan Flood, Purchasing
· Nicki Modeste, Purchasing
· Rick Gowrie, Senior Director
· Ed Carroll, Manager - Plant Admin, Projects
· Martin Green, Manager, Security
· Siamak Sadr, Director
· Teresa Alzner, Resource Nurse, Paediatrics
· Kim Kaizer, Clinical Practice Leader, RVAP
· Mary Ellen Stevenson, Manager, RVAP

We look forward to having the official grand opening of the centre early in the 2009 and subject to the availability of government leaders. We'll announce the date as soon as possible.
It is indeed a beautiful facility which we can be proud of.

* Mental Health improvements
Our implementation of the plan announced in March continues to move forward.
Rouge Valley also continues to look for opportunities presented by the improved mental health service model.
We have asked the Central East LHIN (in June 2008) to fund the hospital for 29 additional acute care medical beds to go into the space being vacated as part of our improved model of care. It is our intention to house 22 of these beds on RVAP's 3 West, if they are funded.
We desperately need this medical bed capacity to improve the flow of patients through our emergency department. Durham region has some of the lowest rates of admission to inpatient medical beds in the province. When compared to other centres it appears we are substantially under resourced in terms of inpatient acute medicine bed capacity.
We'll let you know when we have an answer from the Central East LHIN on our request.

* Rouge Holiday Socials

I hope to see you at our annual Rouge Holiday Socials for all staff, physicians, board members, and volunteers.
The socials are:
- Dec. 15, 2-4 p.m. at RVAP’s Conference Rooms B and C. Plus we'll have a traveling minstrel and holiday food going floor to floor from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
- Dec. 16, 2-4 p.m.. at RVC's Dr. Bruce Johnston Room. Plus we'll have a traveling minstrel and holiday food going floor to floor from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
This is purely an end of the year social event. I'll put way my projector and PowerPoint. Please come and enjoy some good food, good music and equally good conversation!