Monday, September 8, 2008

President’s Blog: My Personal Business Commitments

By Rik Ganderton - President & CEO

My Personal Business Commitments (PBCs) are available here.

I am sharing my PBCs as part of my accountability to the organization. These are the major things that we as an organization have set for ourselves to do this year. They have been developed directly from the Strategic Plan on-a-Page, which set our strategic direction and is posted on our public website and internal Intranet.

As a reminder, you'll recall we've said we intend "to be the best at what we do" and that:
- We will work as a team;
- Live our values every day;
- Relentlessly focus on quality in a health workplace;
- Maintain and strengthen core services and enhance centres of excellence;
- Deliver services within the context of the Central East Local Health Integration Network, Integrated Health Service Plan and Clinical Services Plan; and
- Live within our resources.

My Personal Business Commitments have been approved by our Board of Directors. By sharing these PBCs, we at Rouge Valley are cutting a new path that you are all a big part of.

Open communications has been a key of that path since I had the pleasure of joining the Rouge team in 2007.

I’m publishing my PBCs to help provide greater clarity for us all and to help each of us understand how our varied roles contribute to achieving our strategy at Rouge Valley. By focusing on achievement of these goals we will ensure that the day to day "noise," that we all face, will not distract us from our major objectives.

I want our vice-presidents, chiefs and all physicians, directors, managers and all staff and volunteers to see the very tangible targets the Board and I have set for me and for Rouge Valley itself.

PBCs have also been set by our senior team and are being cascaded throughout the leadership organization so that we are all aligned on our goals. The management team will be sharing their PBCs with their teams. The senior team has shared their individual goals with each other so that there is clarity and understanding between us.

By publishing my PBCs, and later those of our entire management team, all staff and physicians with be better able to work toward our common vision to be the best acute care community hospital.

We will continue to work as a team, at every level of Rouge Valley, to provide the best health care experience for our patients and their families.

PBCs are the tool we will use to provide clarity to the direction we have set our selves and how we will achieve and measure our success on that journey. They also make the links across management and staff, physicians, departments, campuses and disciplines.

The development of PBC's will become and annual exercise for the whole management team so that we have clear alignment of our actions to achieve our strategic intent of being "the best at what we do."

Please feel free to email me ( any questions or thoughts you have about my PBCs.