Thursday, July 16, 2015

Talking About Our RVHS Strategic Plan 2015-18 Blog Series — Part 1: Our Vision

By Fred Clifford, Chair, RVHS Board of Directors

Presenting the hospital's new Vision Statement
at the Strategic Plan unveiling event, held on
July 7, 2015 at Rouge Valley Ajax and
Pickering hospital campus.
On June 23, Rouge Valley Health System introduced our new Vision Statement, as part of our 2015-18 Strategic Plan. The plan was approved that morning at our Board of Directors meeting, and shared for a first time publicly that afternoon at the Annual General Meeting of Members.

The new Vision Statement of the Strategic Plan represents Rouge Valley’s ongoing work as a leader in quality patient care for our communities.

Our new Vision Statement is Together – the best at what we do.

This statement builds upon Rouge Valley’s previous vision statement with the simple, but powerful, addition of one word: Together.

If you were to look up the word “together” in a dictionary (or these days, you may be more likely to Google it online), you would find a few meanings, such as:
A group or collection in one place as a whole; 
– In proximity, contact, connection with others; 
– Simultaneously, in agreement or harmony.

All of this — whole, connection, harmony — is what we are so proudly stating about the kind of hospital we will be with our community. Our Vision Statement means that we will be the best at what we do:
Together — With our patients and families to best meet their needs; 
– Together — As a team of staff, doctors, and volunteers;
Together — As a system working with other healthcare providers, local partners and government to deliver services for patients and their families.

There’s one more meaning for “together” that I really like. It’s a little more colloquial, but is fitting as we embark upon this new Strategic Plan — and that meaning is: confident, organized, able to use your abilities to achieve what you set out to do. As in, “Rouge Valley is a very together community hospital.” Health care is changing, and we are ready to help shape that change.

With our Strategic Plan and our vision to be the best, we have set an ambitious course for the next three years. We know we can accomplish this, but we understand that it is only possible if all of us — healthcare team, patients and family, and health and community partners — are actively collaborating, partnering, getting engaged and being there for each other. I look forward to us achieving this together.

Download a copy of Rouge Valley’s new Strategic Plan 2015-18. To learn more about the strategic planning process that led to the new plan, please visit