Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our team is ready to make the plan work for patients

By Rik Ganderton, 
President and CEO

Thanks to staff, physicians, volunteers and the community our new Strategic Plan On-A-Page is done. Our 2011 – 2014 Strategic Plan was developed with robust participation from all interested stakeholders.

The content of the final strategic plan was created as a result of information collected during almost a year of consultations with community members, political leaders, RVHS Board members, the Community Advisory Group, staff, physicians and volunteers.

Now what?

Now we must put this exciting plan to work for our patients and their families. Our team has proven itself adept at leading and implementing change so I have great confidence in our ability to put this plan into action quickly and effectively.

As a next step there are 19 program and service teams that are creating their own specific strategic sub-plans fully aligned to deliver on the hospital’s corporate plan. Work on this will be ongoing throughout the spring with our sub-plans to be completed by early June.

We currently have teams visiting each department on all shifts sharing the strategic plan and the draft Patient Declaration of Values with front-line staff. Thank you to our staff involved and those participating. The response has already been very positive.

RVHS’ Strategic Plan On-A-Page is again on one page. It’s concise, clear and easily communicated so that we can all focus on the three main strategic directions:
* We will focus on what is important to our patients;
* We will help to build a system of care that meets the needs of our community;
* We will strengthen our organization to be the best at what we do.

The essential question each of us must answer individually, in our teams, our departments or our areas of the hospital, is:
How do I personally, and as a part of my team, ensure that our patients and their families see that we are delivering on our strategic commitments?

To put it another way: How do we each walk our talk?

Everyone is asked to keep each sub-plan to one page. This is no easy feat. But I remind everyone that you have done a lot of great work in the last four years. Delivering this new plan is a continuation of your successes for our patients and our community.

I know we can deliver this new plan because, quite simply, we are a dedicated team always planning, managing and working to be the best at what we do for our patients and their families.

To read our RVHS Strategic Plan On-A-Page 2011-2014 please visit