Tuesday, June 22, 2010

President’s Blog: Thank you Darrell

By Rik Ganderton, President and CEO, RVHS

Our senior management team and I wish continued success to Darrell Sewell, joint vice-president (VP) of human resources for Lakeridge Health and Rouge Valley Health System.

The human resources (HR) needs and complexities of each hospital corporation have grown significantly since Darrell accepted the joint role some six years ago.

Upon much personal reflection Darrell has determined that at this time he needs to focus on his growing scope of responsibility at Lakeridge Health and has decided to continue in his role as vice-president at Lakeridge full-time and to relinquish his role as VP at Rouge Valley. I can understand the increasing demands on him in this very complex joint senior executive position.

Darrell's leadership will be missed at Rouge Valley. Among the many accomplishments Darrell and his team in human resources have led and implemented at Rouge Valley are:

* ARC (Accountability, Respect and Caring) training for all staff and physicians;
* ALF (Advanced Leadership Foundations) leadership and management competency training for both Rouge Valley and Lakeridge Health, and leadership competency assessment (Halogen);
* Growing our commitment to respect, workplace violence prevention, and codes of conduct through several initiatives including ARC, Clearview Connects, revised Respect in the Workplace and Code of Conduct policies, etc. which allows any staff member or physician to identify any workplace issues confidentially;
* Communicating and implementing policies and programs to meet legislative obligations and commitments eg.) Accessibility for Ontarians Disabilities Act customer service training, Bill 168 Risk Assessments, Ontario Disabilities Act, accessibility plans, etc.;
* Ongoing management of recruitment, workforce assessment and adjustments, occupational health and safety improvements, attendance support and disability management supports, collective agreement negotiations and compliance, pay equity plans, compensation administration and the successful implementation of a payroll system (Meditech PP);
* Recognition culture established through programs like our Top of the Valley Service Excellence and Rouge Valley Spirit Days; and
* Creation of the joint HR service delivery model between Rouge Valley and Lakeridge Health, which has created many savings and efficiencies.

Darrell informed his human resources team earlier this month and wants to share his decision with the hospital at large.

He has provided us with much notice allowing me to consider how to replace this leadership position. Darrell will maintain his joint VP role at Rouge Valley until Aug. 31, 2010.

Much of the joint HR portfolio will continue to operate including the joint services provided by Gord Fitzgerald (labour and employee relations), Randy Fallis (transactional HR services ++), and some services under Occupational Health Safety and Wellness (OHSW).

However, Peter Clancy will be returning full-time to Lakeridge Health as director of OHSW, and Karen Clark will become the full-time director of OHSW at Rouge Valley, effective September 1, 2010.

Let me say it has been a pleasure to work with Darrell. His collaborative approach to complex and challenging issues has been highly valuable to Rouge Valley and me personally. I know we will continue to work with him in the Central East LHIN in his role as a vice-president at Lakeridge Health.

All the best to you Darrell. Thank you for your leadership and commitment to our hospital system.

- Rik

Friday, June 11, 2010

Chemo Clinic: Quality care closer to home

By Alastair Lamb
Director, Scarborough Joint Systemic Program
Central East Regional Cancer Program

Hello, my name is Alastair Lamb, Director, Scarborough Joint Systemic Program for the Central East Regional Cancer Program. I'd like to draw your attention to one of the gems of Rouge Valley Health System.

It's your Chemo Clinic.
Located on the main floor of Rouge Valley Centenary, 2867 Ellesmere Road, the clinic services the needs of residents in west Durham and east Toronto. The chemotherapy clinic is a modern outpatient clinic where patients with cancer receive chemotherapy drugs as part of their overall treatment.

Part of my job is to increase awareness of cancer care services available and to increase patient referrals to the clinic. The reason for this is simple: It provides the same level of care as chemo clinics elsewhere and is more convenient.

Currently, we have many patients being referred to cancer services at downtown facilities, some of whom could be treated at Rouge Valley. The quality of services at Rouge Valley is excellent. So we are actively promoting and encouraging physicians to refer appropriate patients to the Chemo Clinic. Head of oncology Dr. James Chiarotto and his team provide quality care, closer to home for patients.

We want physicians to know that referring their patients to the Rouge Valley Chemo Clinic will provide them with the same quality of care as they would receive
elsewhere in a more convenient and cozy setting with caring professionals, who know their patients very well. A family member or a friend is always welcome to attend with the patient.

Quality patient care is our priority, of course. The Rouge Valley Chemo Clinic is part of the Scarborough Joint Systemic Program, along with The Scarborough Hospital and the Central East Regional Cancer Program. The Rouge Valley Chemo Clinic follows the same-evidence based protocols as delivered in other cancer centres. Patients can be confident that they are receiving the best care possible regardless of where they are getting it. So, why not receive your care closer to home?

Staff members, physicians and volunteers of Rouge Valley are encouraged to spread the good word about the Chemo Clinic.

Look for more information about Rouge Valley cancer care services in future issues of the Echo and e-Echo.
For more information, please contact the Chemo Clinic at 416-281-7483, visit online or come visit
for a personal tour!