Monday, September 21, 2009

Skills survey for pandemic planning

President's Blog by Rik Ganderton

We have developed a Pandemic Inventory of Skills Survey to aid in the roll out of our pandemic plan. This survey will allow us to capture employees’ skills sets and list how they can benefit the hospital during a pandemic.

We would use this information to optimize our available human resources and ensure patient-centered care. With the urgency surrounding preparation for the fall and a resurgence of H1N1, it is imperative that all full-time and part-time employees complete this survey. The survey is available from today (Sept. 21) to Oct. 5, 2009, which is when all surveys must be complete.

Here’s the link to the survey (for staff and physicians only).

If you do not have an Outlook email address at RVHS, please fill out the intranet form, print it, then give it to your manager/supervisor/delegate. I ask all managers and directors to ensure the surveys are completed by all staff.

I thank you for your support as Rouge Valley takes this proactive and measured approach to pandemic planning. Thanks, as always, for supporting the Rouge Valley team.”

** For more information on H1N1, please visit our website H1N1 section.

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